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Providing high quality support in health and safety and food hygiene   |   Part of the PHSC GROUP

Envex Consultants is now part of RSA Environmental Health Ltd t/a In House Safety, and provides a variety of Health and Safety and Occupational hygiene consultancy services. In addition, we also provide Training Services for Health, Safety and Occupational Hygiene. Our consultants have a wealth of practical experience in the areas we cover, as well as an understanding of business management which enables us to exactly fit the needs of your business.

Our strength is in the flexibility and ability that Envex offer and in providing the expert support to solve the health problems that your organisation has encountered.

Our experience includes small, medium and large enterprises and covers all market sectors from engineering to offices, from software to computers, from service industries to educational and governmental establishments.

Envex’s philosophy

  • We explain why you can do things, rather than tell you all the reasons why you can’t.
  • We try to show how you can meet your objectives and at the same time give proper regard to both the criminal law, and your civil law duties towards other people.

It’s easy to keep spending on safety – we help you understand when you’ve gone as far as you need.

Our Mission Statement

At Envex, we are passionate about health and safety management and believe that we can bring practical realism and enthusiasm into your health and safety management.

We understand that every client is unique in their requirements for health & safety advice due to the variety of industries, trades or professions they may operate in, so our approach will always be to meet every new client and listen to them.

You will always get our Consultant’s full attention.

Our Mission Statement is focused upon you, the client. Our aim is to:

  • Provide you the best value Current Best Practice practical solutions wherever possible tailored to your commercial needs
  • Exceed your expectations
  • Achieve excellence in the provision of our health and safety services to you
  • Add value to your business and to help raise the profile of health and safety within your company

Our Approach

Multicultural Coffee Shop Owners Meeting Behind the Counter and Working on Tablet Computer and Checking Inventory in a Cozy Loft-Style Cafe. Successful Restaurant Managers and Barista at Work.
To work in partnership with individuals and businesses to inspire positive and responsible attitudes to health and safety through the provision of information and training.
Diverse warehouse inspectors wearing safety mask discussing distribution plan on clipboard
To develop an awareness of the relationship between health & safety and sustainability that will encourage the inclusion of health and safety as an intrinsic element of working.

Why choose Envex?

  • Our consultants and staff have a wealth of knowledge with over twenty years of health, safety, occupational hygiene knowledge and experience.
  • We have consultants who are Chartered Members of IOSH. They are also trained in risk management and understand wider issues of risk outside of health and safety, which gives you a more business-centred approach.
  • We are a flexible, client focused company able to provide practical cost-effective solutions from experience.
  • Consultants are trained in project management and are able to manage large health and safety projects.
  • National coverage.

Envex professional membership

Envex and their consultants are members of the following professional organisations:

  • British Institute of Occupational Hygienists (BIOH)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)
  • British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH): RSA Environmental Health Ltd are training service providers for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and can deliver their courses to Envex clients.
For more information on how Envex can help you see our Appointed Safety Advisor Service page.
Alternatively, contact the office on 01933 626444.


Below is a selected list of Envex clients

  • Introduced Integrated Risk Management Plans into authorities in England and Wales.
  • Obtained independent accreditation for risk training. How do you ensure that staff are sufficiently informed about their rights and responsibilities?
  • Health and safety policy preparation.
  • Risk assessment on working and operational practices.
  • General risk assessment and asbestos building surveys.
  • SEMI STANDARD F15-93 Tracer gas testing as required to meet SEMI S2 standards Semi-Conductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Setting of exclusion zones required for gas bottle changing.
  • Product Safety Event Reports. Review of COSHH/Qualitative Exposure Assessment.
  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring (gases and particulates).
  • Wipe sampling surveys for surface contamination.
  • Noise surveys.
  • Ergonomic assessments.
  • Legionella Water Systems reviews and training.
  • Asbestos Management and building surveys.
  • Mass Balance report for implanters.
  • SEMI S2: Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Semi-Conductor manufacturing equipment: Noise survey and Chemical control (Ventilation assessment) on manufacturing equipment.
  • COSHH: Exposure monitoring (gases and particulates), ventilation.
  • Asbestos management services (policies, audits, surveys, contract management).
  • Legionella management audits.
  • Legionella risk assessments for all council properties.
  • HSC ACOP L8 requirement of re-assessment every two years undertaken using electronic database of properties.
  • Asbestos and legionella management.
  • General risk and fire risk Health & Safety training.
  • Management of risk and uncertainty training for Risk Specialists.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Legionella audit and report with an action plan for legionella management for the main hospital and its ancillary buildings and to cover the NHS Trusts interface with PFI operations.
For more information on how Envex can help you see Appointed safety advisor service. Call us on  01933 626444 or email us at
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