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In House Case studies

fish! Kitchen Group

Celebrity restaurateur Tony Allan started the fish! empire when he opened his first restaurant fish! in Borough market, the food produce mecca of London, fourteen years ago. Now a thriving restaurant group, with sites that consistently serve around 2000 customers per week, there is a fantastic ethos with regard to safety and hygiene standards. In House is instrumental in ensuring and maintaining these standards, visiting each restaurant four times a year. The visits include food safety and health and safety inspections, along with BIOSCANNING and food sampling. These visits are supplemented with ongoing support, both proactive and reactive giving fish! the reassurance that they are always following best practice in compliance matters.

Merchant Taylors’ School

Merchant Taylors' School is an independent school, which caters for 780 children from 12-18 years old - not to mention 140 staff members. Food safety at this prestigious school is the responsibility of Domestic Bursar, Les Chappell.

The young students are in a 'high risk' group, being much more vulnerable to possible food poisoning. Catering in schools therefore requires the highest standards of food hygiene and health and safety practice and Merchant Taylors' School acknowledges the value of professional specialist support in setting and maintaining standards.

“From the Hazard Analysis prepared by In House, we are made aware of the cleaning procedures and standards required for each area. With In House's specialist support there have been considerable improvements in our hygiene procedures, audits, documentation and staff training. Our staff are kept on their toes by the visits and, when there are queries, In House can provide the answers!”.

In House visits Merchant Taylors' School three times a year, during term time, and monitors the cleaning standards with the unique BIOSCANNING system. At the end of each visit, In House provides the school with a written report on the cleanliness throughout the entire catering operation. The Domestic Bursar is very proud of the catering department with a staff of 24. Regular notices are pinned up around the department so that staff, parents and visitors to the school can see, first hand, that Merchant Taylors' are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their young charges.

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