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Food Safety Advisor Service

With our comprehensive Food Safety Advisor Service, you can confidently navigate the complexities of food safety management, accessing specialized expertise at your convenience. This service was initially designed to provide dedicated food safety support. Over time, it has evolved into an integrated support service, encompassing allergen control, food safety advice, infection control, food poisoning outbreak control, and food safety management.

Our goal is to simplify your life and provide a seamless support system. You will have unlimited access to specialist expertise via phone or email. You will be allocated a lead advisor, but can call upon other specialists within the company.

Our Advisor Service Covers:

  • Competent advice to meet legislative requirements
  • A resource to be called upon, as and when required
  • A number of days for consultancy or training built in to suit your changing needs
  • Unlimited access to telephone / email advice and support for no extra charge
  • Out of hours emergency contact for continual support
  • Discounts on additional work needed outside of your original bespoke package
  • Priority response over non-contract clients
  • Insured Advice as additional protection for yourself

Request a callback

If you would like a member of our team to call you back to discuss your specific requirements please complete the form below.

Food Safety Advisor Service Explained

Our Food Safety Advisor Service (FSAS) provides you with a dedicated Advisor Team and on-demand access to a Competent Person, offering the expertise you need without the burden of ongoing employment costs. With FSAS, you have the flexibility to customise the level of support and services based on your specific requirements, including when and where they are delivered.

Building a strong relationship with you is a priority for us, as it allows us to gain a deep understanding of your business and tailor our services to meet your needs effectively. To ensure seamless support, we assign a key consultant to you. This provides you with access to their expertise but also unlocks the extensive knowledge of our large team of specialists across various disciplines, including our sister companies within the PHSC plc group. By subscribing to this service, you have access to them all at no additional cost.

Our Food Safety Advisor Service has proven highly beneficial for smaller organisations that lack the resources for in-house specialists, as well as for larger organisations that employ safety management specialists but want access to our comprehensive one-stop-shop of technical disciplines.

Helping You Meet The Law

Our Food Safety Advisor Service helps you to meet food safety legislative requirements by giving you access to competent advice.

The Basic Package

  1. Each contract is for an initial period (usually two years) with a number of days for consultancy or training built in.
  2. An important benefit is access to unlimited telephone advice and support during the life of the contract for no extra charge.
  3. The cost of the basic package includes an agreed number days of our time each year, and can be expanded to cover as many days as you wish. The advantage of structuring the agreement in this way is that your invoices are payable by quarterly instalments, assisting with your cashflow. This pricing arrangement means that the cost is spread over a whole year, even if the time allocation is used immediately.
  4. Discounts are automatically given for any additional work that may be required, and this is charged as it arises.
  5. You will be given priority response.

Create a Bespoke Package:

Choose Services that suit your organisation

  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Accredited Training
  • Bio-scanning
  • Hygiene Audits
  • Food Safety Auditing
  • Allergen Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Food Sampling

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