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How does the audit work?

An In House food hygiene auditor will visit your premises to carry out the food hygiene audit. We will inspect your premises and equipment, your procedures, and review your documentation. We check your temperatures, and we carry out some BIOSCANNING hygiene monitoring swabs to assess the standard of cleaning in the food preparation areas.

We divide the audit into 3 main areas:

Management controls

We will review your existing food safety documentation:

  • Food Safety Management System
  • Suppliers
  • Training
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Allergens (or separate audit)
  • Temperature controls
  • Maintenance controls
  • Pest controls

Premises + Equipment

An assessment of the premises and equipment you are using, and whether it is suitable for your needs. Looking in particular at:

  • Condition
  • Space
  • Storage
  • Layout + planning
  • Waste

Operational Controls

We look at your practical procedures, what your staff are actually doing, including:

  • Labelling
  • Shelf life
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cross contamination risks
  • Temperature risks
  • Food handling techniques

During the food hygiene audit, we will also carry out BIOSCANNING ATP hygiene monitoring swabs to assess your cleaning standards. We focus on food contact surfaces and hand contact surfaces, to give you a ‘snapshot’ of the standards of cleaning during the audit. These results are available straight away, so you can take action if required or discuss cleaning methods with staff.

We will discuss any issues or concerns during the visit, then following the audit we will write a detailed report setting out our findings, along with an action plan so you can prioritise those areas which need the most improvement. Each section of the audit is scored, so you can see which sections require your attention, and we highlight any priority areas to focus on first.

Food safety training courses

Why do you need a food hygiene audit?

There is no legal requirement to carry out a food hygiene audit of your premises – but many food businesses have them and find them invaluable. We try to offer a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to show you how your business is performing – we think of ourselves as your critical friend! We are not trying to catch you out – rather we want to help you to be the best you can.

An independent food hygiene audit can help you to

  • Identify issues before they become a major problem, or
  • Reassure you that your food hygiene procedures are working
  • Help you rectify any issues before your EHO inspection, so your Food Hygiene Rating is not affected – in fact, independent auditing should improve the ‘Confidence in Management’ part of your FHRS score
  • Allow you to show improvement over time
  • Benchmark different locations to focus your attention on those which matter
  • Verify your HACCP plans are working
  • Contribute to a due diligence defence
  • Help encourage staff and develop a food safety culture

How often should you have a food hygiene audit?

There is no right or wrong answer here – it depends entirely on your business. Most average-risk food businesses have an annual audit, but many follow this up with an interim visit, so we can check their progress against their action plans, and provide help if they need it.

If you think you would benefit from a food hygiene audit of your business, contact us today to talk through the options. Email us or call 01933 626444

Food Hygiene Inspection

Alternatively, if you would like a simpler check of your standards, why not consider our Food Hygiene Inspection. These are similar to our full audit except that in this case the reporting is limited to a simple 2-page report which will cover the main hazards or deficiencies found during the site visit. Inspections cover the following areas:

  • Food Handling procedures
  • Premises + cleaning
  • Personal hygiene
  • Temperature controls
  • Other management controls (HACCP, training, pest controls)

Our inspections are not as thorough as a full food hygiene audit, but can help you to quickly identify any areas which need your attention.

Food hygiene inspections are ideally suited to smaller and less complex businesses, or multi-site organisations, or as an interim follow-up tool to ensure that you remain on target between full food hygiene audits. The inspections are scored and also come with an action plan to help you to measure performance and monitor progress.

If you think you would benefit from a food hygiene inspection of your business, contact us today to talk through the options. Email us or call 01933 626444