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Full Food Safety Audit

This audit comes in 2 parts and involves being with your business for a period of time that suits the size and complexity of the food service. Our auditors will look at every aspect of your service to see how compliant you are with current food safety legislation and best hygienic practice within the UK.

Areas covered include:

  • Structure
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature control
  • HACCP/food safety management
  • Cross-contamination controls
  • Pest control
  • Staff training
  • Personal hygiene

After the audit we will then write a detailed report setting out our findings and we will develop a detailed action plan so that you can prioritise those areas that need most improvement.

The second part of the audit process includes the use of ATP bioluminescent swabs (Bioscanning) which can give a fast result for monitoring food contact and hand contact surfaces to ensure they are being cleaned effectively and bacteria are being removed from these surfaces.  This is the only method available that can quickly and easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your cross- contamination controls.

At the end of the auditing process we also provide your business with a score, which can then be used as a business KPI so you can monitor progress.

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Simple Food Safety and Hygiene Audit

Similar to our full audit except that in this case the reporting is limited to a simple two-page report that would cover the main hazards or deficiencies found during the site visit.  This also includes ATP swabbing (Bioscanning).

Ideally suited to smaller and less complex businesses or used as an interim audit tool to ensure that you remain on target.

We also provide a action plan and premises score so that you can measure performance and monitor progress.

These are short inspections of your food business that concentrate on identifying those failings in your business that are not compliant with food safety legislation.  With scores on the doors becoming increasingly important to the consumer a high star rating may mean the difference between enticing customers through the door and putting people off.

When the Environmental Health Officer from your Local Authority conducts their inspection, they will issue you with a star rating which is then yours for up to 18 months.  Can you afford to have a low rating for that long?

Our Environmental Health Practitioners can conduct the same style of inspection after which they will use the same risk rating scheme and star rating scheme used by your Local Authority so that you know the likely rating you are able to achieve.  After the audit we will then issue a local authority style letter detailing any deficiencies found.

You can then take steps to improve and have the peace of mind that you are able to maintain your higher rating.  You need not take the chance again.

Fees are on a sliding scale and are worked out from your existing star rating from the local authority.

Request a callback

If you would like a member of our team to call you back to discuss your specific requirements please complete the form below.