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Food Safety Training Services

We are experts in the field of Food Safety Training and offer everything from basic to advanced food safety courses. From basic food safety training to allergen awareness courses, we can provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to be fully compliant with food hygiene standards and work in a safe manner.

Why is Food Safety Training Important?

There are many benefits of food safety training, from preventing food poisoning to reducing waste and lowering expenditures. Taking one of our many accredited food health & safety training courses will give you and your employees a better understanding and appreciation of the risks in the food industry and how to mitigate them.

Who Should Take Food Safety Training Courses?

Anyone involved in creating or following your company’s food handling processes and procedures should have knowledge of food safety. This includes head chefs, kitchen assistants, serving staff, upper management, and anyone else who works with food.

Staying up to date with the latest information and best practices will ensure that  your colleagues and customers are safe from the risks associated with the storage, preparation, and handling of food.

Food safety training courses

In-Person or Online Courses

All of our training courses can be delivered in-person at your workplace or chosen venue by a team of highly experienced and qualified training providers.

Alternatively, you can join one of our public courses held at one of our training venues in Northamptonshire, Kent or Cumbernauld, Scotland

We also offer these courses virtually via on line webinar using Zoom or Teams- just contact us to see how we can help meet your needs. Our current public virtual courses can be booked here.

Available Food Safety Training Courses

We are a registered training centre for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) at all levels. We offer a variety of courses accredited by these institutes.

CIEH is the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and is considered the voice of environmental health. The below training courses are accredited by the CIEH.

Introductory Certificate in Food Safety (Level 1)

This course is ideal for those new to the food industry or those that handle low risk foods.  You will learn about good food hygiene practices relevant to your role, personal hygiene, and how to keep your work area clean and disinfected. This course is seen as a stepping stone to the Foundation Certificate.

Foundation Certificate in Food Safety (Level 2)

The Foundation certificate build on the knowledge and skills gained on the Introductory course. It is aimed at those staff that handle, cook and prepare open high risk foods and may have some limited supervisory responsibility.  Upon completion of the course you will be able to provide food that is "Safe to Eat".

Intermediate Certificate Food Safety (Level 3)

The Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety is designed for managers and supervisors who need a broad understanding of food safety control, and who have responsibility for developing and maintaining a food safety management system. It is recommended that all food environments should have at least one person trained to this level. This is the minimum expected level of a "Food Business Operator".

The syllabuses for the HABC courses below are a mix between theory, science and practical food hygiene. Ideal for those businesses whose employees don't enjoy a more theory based course. Accepted by local Food Authorities around the country, they carry equal weight to the CIEH courses above.

Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness

This is the entry level course for those that have just started their careers in the food industry or for those that hold lower risk positions within food businesses but still require basic food hygiene knowledge.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety or Food Safety Refresher

This course is aimed at those staff that handle, cook and prepare high risk foods. This is seen as the minimum standard of food hygiene training required for food handlers.  This is provided over 1 day.

The Food Safety Refresher course is similar to the above course but is conducted over half a day, but candidates must have completed the full course previously.

Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety

The Level 3 Award is the HABC equivalent to the CIEH course above. This level 3 food safety course is an in depth course held over 3 days and candidates are expected to do homeworking. This is the minimum expected level for those staff that may be expected to manage a food business on their own.

Alongside our CIEH and HABC courses, we are proud to offer a range of bespoke or more advanced food safety training courses which are tailored to the needs of your company. Continue your professional development with one of these courses:

Food Safety Awareness

This bespoke and accredited food safety training course can be delivered in-person or as an online training course.

Infection Control Training

This infection control training course will help to ensure that you and your staff are using best practices to prevent the transfer of infection in the food handling process.

Allergen Awareness Course

This food safety allergen training course will provide you with the skills necessary to understand and mitigate the risks of allergens in the food industry. It will ensure that you and your staff are fully aware of what ingredients can be considered allergens and how to avoid cross-contamination when dealing with colleagues or customers who have food allergies.

If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch to chat with one of our training experts. Alternatively, take a look at our SafetyMARK online training platform.

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