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Health and Safety Consultancy

We don’t believe in giving over the top advice.
We explain why you can do things, rather than tell you all the reasons why you can’t.

We try to show how you can meet your objectives and at the same time give proper regard to both the criminal law, and your civil law duties towards other people and to keep your staff happy and healthy.

It’s easy to keep spending on safety – we help you understand when you’ve gone as far as you need.

Safety legislation requires every employer to designate a ‘competent person’ to assist with health and safety at work. Many organisations can’t justify employing their own professional staff to guide them through the maze of health and safety legislation.

Envex run the Appointed safety advisor support service to provide ongoing support for those who do not employ a health and safety professional, or to provide a back-up for those with existing in-house health and safety expertise. Appointed safety advisor support service

Every company is under a statutory duty to arrange for a “competent person” to assess all the health and safety risks in the workplace. We can arrange for a qualified health and safety practitioner to carry out a risk assessment study on your behalf.

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It is no co-incidence that the most successful organisations tend to have the best health and safety record. We can help you to introduce, develop, and review your safety management systems so that they are both effective and compliant with best practice.

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As well as being a legal requirement for organisations with five or more employees, a health and safety policy is a useful document that formalises the organisation and arrangements for health and safety. It shows not only who is responsible for what, but also gives rules and procedures for all the relevant health and safety topics. Evidence of a valid policy may also be required of you by your own clients.

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Safety auditing is a valuable management technique that is highly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. A health and safety audit will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your health and safety performance is up to standard.

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Of course, the objective is to make sure no-one is made ill or injured at work. However, accidents do happen and they often lead to civil claims.

Our Expert Witness Service can assist you or your insurers to decide whether there is any liability. We can also appear in court to represent you, or to act as an independent expert if jointly appointed by both parties.

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