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Local Exhaust Ventilation Examination

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) testing

Where a local exhaust ventilation system such as dust or fume extraction is used to control exposure to substances hazardous to health, there is a legal duty to ensure that the system continues to operate effectively.

Thorough examination and tests should be carried out at least once every 14 months to ensure the LEV equipment remains in good working order and comply with the COSHH Regulations 2002.

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) problems may occur due to:

  • Blockages or restrictions in the system
  • Physical damage to the hood, cabinet or ducting
  • Clogged or incorrectly fitted filters
  • Malfunction of extractor fan
  • Partial blockages causing flow imbalance or turbulence
  • Incorrect positioning of extractor hood
  • Alterations to ducting or addition of extractor hoods

In House can carry out the necessary tests following HSG 54 (Maintenance, Examination and Testing of Local. Exhaust Ventilation) to ensure that the LEV system continues to operate as originally intended or identify problems and cost effective remedial action.

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